See The Trailer For ‘The Intouchables’ Remake ‘The Upsides’

In 2011, a French film came out called ‘The Intouchables’ and basically broke every record possible in France. Highest grossing movie in a language other the English, highest grossing French film, and top grossing foreign language film. So, of course, America had to have a remake of it. It took 6 years to develop and find a good casting, but here we are.

The story goes likes this; Dell (Kevin Hart) is down on his luck. He doesn’t have a job, and every job he applies for doesn’t work out. Phillip (Bryan Cranston) is really down on his luck. Despite being rich, he’s a paraplegic, unable to move anything lower than his neck. Phillip needs someone to help him do the things he can’t, the problem is they are dreadfully boring. Dell walks in, and after he finds out it’s a hefty paycheck, he says yes. Dell and Phillip learn to work together and find out what they are missing in life.

The trailer looks amazing, and if it’s anything like it’s French counterpart, we have a hit on our hands, and possible Oscar contender.


‘The Upside’ releases January 11, 2019.