See the Trailer for the South Korean ‘Train to Busan’ Sequel

With the success of Parasite people tend to ask what are they missing out on with South Korean films. I give them a couple of answers;

  1. Old Boy (The original, not the US remake)
  2. Bong Joon Ho’s other films (Mother, The Host, Memories of Murder)
  3. Train to Busan

The last film is the one I’m talking about today. Releasing in 2016 this action-horror was an insane ride, literally. While on a train (to Busan of course) a zombie outbreak starts and threatens the country, not to mention the passengers. The film was extremely popular grossing 93 million worldwide, with a very positive review on rotten tomatoes. Now, of course, there is a sequel.

The sequel picks up 4 years after the last film where Jung-seok who managed to escape is given the task to go back to try to find survivors. What he finds, of course, is an apocalyptic society that do not want him to leave.

The trailer is pretty wild, hopefully, it can live up to the original.


‘Train to Busan presents: Peninsula’ release date is listed as “coming soon”.