See The Trailer For ‘Unsane’ Shot Entirely With An iPhone


The cost of film cameras is absolutely insane.

Normally cameras are rented, but even that price can be insane. I’ve heard people make the argument many times that their smartphone can do better video than some of the films and tv shows that they watch. If that’s true, why aren’t films done on them? Famed director Steven Soderbergh took that idea, and along with lights, and shot his newest experimental film ‘Unsane’ on an iPhone.

The film follows a girl (Claire Holt) and starts with a stalker situation. A man named David has been texting her nonstop when she decides to block the phone. She goes to seek help in stalking, and the behavior clinic thinks more needs to be done. She becomes committed to the mental institution when things go from bad to worse and she starts to think maybe she does actually belong there.

I don’t know if iPhones will be there new Alexa or Red, but Soderbergh seems to prove that sometimes the tool does not matter.


‘Unsane’ releases March 23, 2018.

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