See the Trailer for YA Novel turned film ‘Words on Bathroom Walls’

Paranoid schizophrenia is one of those things that many don’t understand so it’s even more difficult to sympathize.

The latest Young Adult novel turn movie ‘Words on Bathroom Walls’ deals with just that.

Adam (Charlie Plummer) is just a normal high school student, that is until one day in his chemistry class he sees things. Doctors diagnose it as paranoid schizophrenia and Adam, as well as his parents, don’t know what to do. They heavily medicate him and look for a cure, and Adam leaves that school since now he’s bullied. He ends up going to a private school where he meets a girl in Maya (Taylor Russell) who wants to get to know Adam. He doesn’t want her to know his dark secret, but when she finds out can that stop their love?

Yeah, the trailer is a little long, but maybe that won’t affect the heart that’s in the film.


‘Words on Bathroom Walls’ is set to release on July 31, 2020