See Things Get Worse In New ‘Alien: Covenant’ Trailer


The crew of the Covenant (including James FrancoKatherine WaterstonNoomi RapaceBilly Crudup, and Danny McBride) have an important mission. Find a new planet so that humans can survive. They left their loved ones and families for survival.

When the crew set out to find a new habitable planet they found things they couldn’t have imagined; paradise. Not only did they find a planet with oxygen, but plants, water, and even fully grown wheat. Things seemed too good to be true. You get the feeling this was a mission that had to succeed or else those still on earth would be doomed.

Things were too good to be true. This is an Alien movie, things are going to go wrong. They happened (by chance?) to find the same planet the doomed Prometheus crew found, who knows how many years before. When things really get started we see everything we’ve come to expect from an Alien movie. Face huggers. Xenomorphs. Perhaps the most terrifying of them all, David (Michael Fassbender).


Paradise has turned into a living hell for the crew of the Covenant, and hopefully, this trailer only shows half of the terrors.


Alien: Covenant releases May 19, 2017.