See What Kevin G. From ‘Mean Girls’ Looks Like Now!

Rajiv Surendra, Mean Girls, Paramount, 071116

It’s been 12 years since Mean Girls came storming through our world, turning it upside down. We now know to wear pink on Wednesdays and October 3rd is basically a national holiday. We’ve also watched Rachel McAdams, Lizzy Caplan and Amanda Seyfried blossom into full blown starlets. However, our favorite mathlete Kevin Gnapoor, has been living a quieter life.

If you recall, Lindsay Lohan‘s character Cady, meets Kevin G. when she is forced to become a part of a the math team at her school. Kevin’s most iconic scene was performing this epic rap at the school talent show.

Just in case you missed any of the words. Here they are:


Yo, Yo, Yo!

Aaaaaall, youuuuu
Suckah MCs ain’t got nothin’ on me!
On my grades, on my lines. You can’t touch Kevin G!
I’m a Mathlete, so nerd is inferred.
But forget what you heard,
I’m like James Bond the Third.
Sh-Sh-Shaken, not stirred. I’m Kevin Gnapoor.
The G is silent when I sneak in your door,
And make love to your woman on the bathroom floor.
I don’t play it like Shaggy. You’ll know it was me.
Cuz the next time you see her she be like “Ohhh! Kevin G!!!”
Happy Holidays Everybody!

Rajiv Surendra, the Canadian actor who played Kevin G. has stepped away from the spotlight since Mean Girls. He is now a gifted calligrapher and chalkboard artist. Flip to see what he looks like now. 


Surendra’s memoir, The Elephants in My Backyard will be out November 8, 2016. According to Amazon, the memoir  “is a profound and inspiring story of self-discovery in the face of failure—poignant, funny, colorful, and absolutely unforgettable.” Will you be grabbing a copy?