See Where Your Favorite Disney Channel Original Movie Stars Are Now!

Let’s watch a Disney Channel movie…It’s been almost 20 years since Disney Channel switched from Premiere Films to Disney Channel Original Movies (better know as DCOMs) and thank God for that. If you grew up when DCOMs were airing, then you know what great TV films are. DCOMs were something you watched over and over again. Many crushes were formed based on DCOMs (we still love Brink AKA Erik von Detten). But what ever happened to the stars of these Disney Channel Original Movie stars? See them now!

Erik von Detten - Brink!
Erik Von Detten, Brink!
Disney Channel/Facebook
Erik von Detten isn't shredding anymore or stealing hearts. Since his Brink! days, he's slowly trickled off the radar. He's had a few television guest starring roles, and even voiced Sid in Toy Story 3 back in 2010, but hasn't been in anything since then. He's still managed to keep his perfect SoCal hair after all these years and for that, we're very happy.
Sam Horrigan - Brink!
Sam Horrigan, Brink!
Disney Channel/Facebook
After playing the total douche Val in Brink, Sam Horrigan popped up plenty of times in film and TV playing a jerk in things like One Tree Hill, Desperate Housewives, Grounded For Life, and Accepted. What you may or may remember is he was on season 4 of Beauty and the Geek, which caused a bit of controversy due to his previous media representation. He has been less and less active over the years, but he just appeared in a few episodes of the TV series School of Rock.
Ryan Merriman - Smart House
Ryan Merriman, Smart House
Disney Channel/Splash News
So Ryan Merriman was the guy you crushed on really hard after Smart House and would have totally dated when you were in junior high, had you the opportunity. Even when he was a leprechaun in the goofy Luck Of The Irish. So when he showed up on Pretty Little Liars in 2010, as a total creep, you probably had a bit of an existential crisis like we did.
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Kirsten Storms - Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century
Kirsten Storms, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century
Disney Channel/Splash News
After Zenon was such a hit, the film received two sequels starring Kirsten. At the same time as those sequels, and she was working it on Days of Our Lives, she also voiced frenemy to Kim on Disney Channel's hit cartoon Kim Possible. These days, she's been in over 900 episodes of General Hospital, taking a few breaks over the years for her health and then maternity leave.
Gregory Smith - Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century
Gregory Smith, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century
Disney Channel/IMDB
We still have a crush on Gregory Smith after Zenon met him on Earth. These days he's doing more than you might have thought! He was on Rookie Blue from 2010-2015, as Dov Epstein. He's also dabbled in directing quite a bit, having made his directorial debut with Rookie Blue. He's also been working on The CW, directing episodes of Arrow and most recently DC's Legends of Tomorrow.
Brandon Baker - Johnny Tsunami
Brandon Baker, Johnny Tsunami
Disney Channel/Instagram
Like many DCOm stars, Brandon Baker appeared on several Disney Channels after hte success of Johnny Tsunami, like Even Stevens and The Proud Family. He took a six year hiatus from acting, but recently returned with Instacurity, The Formula, and 2015's Up On the Wooftop.
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Alana Austin - Motocrossed
Alana Austin, Motocrossed
Disney Channel/Twitter
Alana Austin will always be immortalized in our minds for cutting her hair and proving her dope motocross skills. These days you won't find her on the silver screen, as she retired from acting back in 2006. After she retired, she attended the University of Southern California for medicine.
Riley Smith - Motocrossed
Riley Smith, Motocrossed
Disney Channel/Splash News
As Dean Talon, Riley Smith was just another DCOM crush we all had. How could we not? After Motocrossed, Riley went on to have success playing a nasty football player in the film Radio. Since then he's been steadily build his TV resume doing extended gust roles on 90210, True Blood, The Messengers, and most recently, Nashville. In 2016, you can look forward to seeing him in Bleed, The HOA, Frequency, and Interior Night.
Chez Starbuck - The Thirteenth Year
Chez Starbuck, The Thirteenth Year
Disney Channel/IMDB/Lorelei Starbuck

The Thirteenth Year gave us such false hope. When we didn’t turn into mermaids, we protested the channel (for all of five minutes). Cutie Chez Starbuck was the heart of the film, but he hasn’t acted since the 2003 TV movie Recipe for Disaster. These days he’s an artist and family man, and from the looks of his Instagram, he’s having a good life.