Seth Rogen Talks His New Animated Movie ‘Sausage Party’

Seth Rogen new animated film Sausage Party is not for kids, unless of course you’re a “terrible parent” (or a really experimental one. We don’t judge and neither does Rogen). In an interview during Jimmy Kimmel LiveRogen talked about his new part-comedy, part-action, part-horror (if you happen to be a veggie), animated film.

According to Rogen, Sausage Party is a “really crazy movie.” His goal was to make the “first ever, R-rated, fully Pixar-style movie.” Rogen, who’s responsible for the stoner film Pineapple Express, had the idea to make an adult animated movie for a long time, but the idea for this particular film was sparked after some deep, existential thought (or massive amounts of marijuana, we’re guessing).

“We thought one day, ‘What if our food had feelings?'” said Rogen. “It’d be super messed up because we eat our food, and it would be a horrible existence for them, and that’s what birthed the movie Sausage Party.” Check out the full interview above.

Sausage Party has an all star cast including Jonah Hill, Kristen Wig, James Franco, Edward Norton, Paul Rudd and of course Seth Rogen. Its intensely creative premise is comedy gold and definitely sets the film up to be one of the greater raunchy comedies from Rogen’s brand. Will this film give Superbad a run for its money?

Sausage Party hits theaters on August 11. Check out the trailer below!

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