Stargaze at New Exclusive Poster for the Unbelievable ‘Short Term 12’

Credit: Cinedigm

It is difficult to capture a movie like Short Term 12 in just a few words, and perhaps even more difficult to embody the film in a single picture. But the above exclusive poster for the movie — placing the titular foster care facility under a brooding night sky with the silhouettes of counselor Grace (Brie Larson) and young Jayden (Kaitlyn Dever) pedaling their bikes alongside the building — definitely stirs up a good deal of the heartbreaking passion instilled in writer/director Destin Cretton’s movie.

The film centers on the aforementioned Grace as she works to provide a loving, supportive environment for the children living at Short Term 12, all the while struggling with her own demons. A supporting cast of colleagues, most notably John Gallagher Jr. as counselor Mason, and don’t-call-them-underprivileged kids fills Cretton’s SXSW winner with unparalleled heart and hope, making for a movie that truly deserves your attention when it hits theaters on Aug. 23.

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