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12 Signs You’re Obsessed With ‘The Godfather’

The Godfather can arguably be deemed as the best movie ever made. So, it’s easy for your love to go to a whole other level. Do you just love Michael Corleone (Al Pacino)? Or has your love for him made you kind of feel like you are him? It’s time to find out that line between love and obsession!
1. You have learned most of your lessons about family from the triology.
2. This scene often pops into your head, making you angry.
3. You have sent fish to someone you had beef with.


4. You can’t help but be superstitious of oranges.


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5. Every time you hear someone is planning a wedding you recommend that they play “Luna Mezz O’Mare” at the reception.


6. You quote it non-stop.


7. You turn to the movies for business advice before anything else.


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8. You aspire to become a Godfather one day.


9. The third Godfather is kind of a hot topic for you.


10. When you get dressed up you want a red rose to go with your tux.


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11. You can’t help but be creeped out by hospitals now.


12. You say a Hail Mary every time you go fishing.


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