Sneak Peek: Matt Damon Buys a Zoo (and More) in ‘We Bought a Zoo’ Clips

This Friday, Cameron Crowe’s life-affirming We Bought a Zoo starring the lovable Matt Damon, will reach theaters. Damon stars as the good-hearted, outsmarted Benjamin Mee, a man who, having no place else to turn, buys a zoo for him and his family. The film also stars Scarlett Johansson as a begrudging zookeeper, Thomas Haden Church as Ben’s cynical brother, Patrick Fugit as zoo employee Robin and a whole bunch of animals ready to teach Ben how to live.

Below is a collection of We Bought a Zoo clips, filled with all of the energy and whimsy you’d expect from a film centered around a man’s financial reception of a menagerie.

When Ben and his young daughter Rosie (Maggie Elizabeth Jones) are escorted to their new property, they don’t expect to find too many surprises. Fresh air, a quiet environment…maybe a lion or two. When they arrive, their real estate agent (J.B. Smoove) informs them of something a little disconcerting: they bought a zoo.