Apparently It’s Possible To Get Nominated For An Oscar & A Razzie In The Same Year

The 2016 Oscar nominations were finally released yesterday, and quite frankly they were a bit lackluster. While we are thrilled that films like Brooklyn, Spotlight and Room are getting the attention that they deserve, we’re still thoroughly baffled as to why Mad Max: Fury Road was even nominated at all. Still, the Best Picture category wasn’t the only one with a few surprises. We’ve just discovered that  it’s possible to be nominated for both a distinguished Academy Award, and a Golden Raspberry Award aka A Razzie (prizes given out for the the most abysmal films and performances annually) in the same year. Here are the 2016 Oscar nominees who are also up for Razzie awards.

Eddie Redmayne

Eddie Redmayne, Splash News, 011516
Splash News

Oscar Nominated For Best Actor In: The Danish Girl

Redmayne is nominated for a Best Actor award for the second time in two years. Last year, he took home the prize for his performance in The Theory of Everything, and this year, he’s in the running for his portrayal of Lili Elbe, a 20th century painter who was one of the first to undergo gender reassignment surgery. The Danish Girl is a beautifully nuanced film, and Redmayne shines opposite his amazing co-star Alicia Vikander. Because this such a profound film, we totally forgot he was even involved in the film for which he is Razzie nominated.

Razzie Nominated For Worst Supporting Actor In: Jupiter Ascending

This movie was panned so badly that quite frankly, we forgot it came out in 2015. (We’re sure Redmayne’s co-stars Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis would like us to forget about it all together.) In Jupiter Ascending, Redmayne stars as Balem Abrasax, a spoiled rich mogul who basically screeches and screens during the entire film. Clearly, the Academy Award winner was returning a favor when he took on this role.

Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara, Splash News, 011516
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Oscar Nominated For Best Supporting Actress In: Carol

We’ve adored Rooney Mara forever, and we especially loved her performance as Therese Bellvant opposite the sensational Cate Blanchett in Carol. The film is a truly stunning work about forbidden love and desire in 1950’s New York City. Still, this fantastic decision to join the film adaptation of Patricia Highsmiths book The Price of Salt didn’t prevent Mara from also making a tragic mishap in a film earlier this year.

Razzie Nominated For Worst Supporting Actress In: Pan

We normally don’t like to be rude but, Pan was absolute garbage. Not only was the film one of the worst re-imaginings of Peter Pan that we’ve ever seen, it was also dull and confusing. Still, it was Rooney Mara’s role as Tiger Lily that had many people rolling their eyes.  Tiger Lily is supposedly the daughter of a Native chief. (One day Hollywood will stop white washing roles.) Considering the fact that Pan only brought in $127 million on a budget of $150 million, we’re certain Rooney Mara and Warner Bros. are hoping we all forgot this happened.

Simon Kinberg

Simon Kinberg, Splash News, 011316
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Oscar Nominated For Best Picture: The Martian

Simon Kinberg served as a producer in the epic space film, The Martian starring Matt Damon and a slew of other fantastic actors. Not only was The Martian stunningly beautiful, it was a riveting look at human existence and the will to survive. Still, despite the thrills from this film, Kinberg made a major misstep with a summer box office bomb.

Razzie Nominated For Worst Screenplay: Fantastic Four

No one asked for 2005’s Fantastic Four which was not great, but it was still marginally better than 2015’s complete disaster. Not only was it one of the most dull superhero films ever, we still haven’t begun to understand some of its supposed plot points. 20th Century Fox should definitely stick to X-Men, while Simon Kinberg need not ever bring Marvel’s First Family to life again.