Something Is Wrong In the ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ Trailer


Something is wrong with the first trailer for ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ Trailer, and it’s not the killing, nor the star-packed cabin, or that incredible mustache. It’s the music choice.

People are already excited that the works of Agatha Christie are getting a big time film. The trailer even starts off well with some great shots of this beautiful and the thought of the weirdness about being stuck together with people. Then the murder happens and we get the music of Imagine Dragons. It is extremely out of place in this otherwise awesome trailer.

The cast is fully stacked too with actors including Johnny DeppMichelle PfeifferPenélope CruzDaisy RidleyJosh GadWillem DafoeKenneth BranaghJudi Dench, and more.


I’m already on board. ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ departs November 22, 2017.