Spielberg Talks About Disney At Premiere For ‘The BFG’


Steven Spielberg is arguably one of the best directors ever. The man’s created some classic films. Disney is one of the largest film companies ever. The two have never worked directly together until now.

Author Roald Dahl wrote classic novels that have turned into amazing films like MatildaWilly Wonka and the Chocolate FactoryThe Fantastic Mr. Fox, and there was even a BFG cartoon back in 1989, but now Spielberg is taking the helm for a live action BFG that he hopes will live up to Dahl’s standards.

In the above interview, Jemaine ClementBill HaderRebecca Hall and Ruby Barnhill discuss why Spielberg doing a Dahl movie makes so much sense while Mark Rylance talks about wanting to make sure to stay close to the source material, and Steven Spielberg speaks about finally doing a movie for Disney.


The BFG releases July 1, 2016.

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