Stanley Kubrick tells all in ‘Kubrick by Kubrick’ Documentary

Stanley Kubrick is one of the greatest filmmakers ever.

With that being said, he was known to have a few quirks to reach perfection.

No one knew this better than his cast and crew, other than the man himself, which is unwrapped in the new documentary ‘Kubrick by Kubrick’. The documentary digs up a never before released interview between French film critic Michel Ciment and the filmmaker. It also includes interviews from Shelley Duvall who worked with him on ‘The Shining’, Michael McDowell from ‘A Clockwork Orange’, and Kubrick’s assistant Leon Vitali.

As a fan of his films, I look forward to seeing and hear what the man has to say.


‘Kubrick by Kubrick’ releases with the Tribeca Film Festival.