Which ‘Star Wars’ Actors Were Also in Superhero Movies?

Andy Serkis, The Avengers: Age of Ultron
Andy Serkis, <em>The Avengers: Age of Ultron</em>
20th Century Fox Film via Everett Collection
If you have a big-budget, multi-film franchise, chances are you're going to cast Andy Serkis in it at some point. In addition to his iconic roles in the Hobbit and Planet of the Apes series, Hollywood's foremost mo-cap specialist revealed that he's playing a role in the next Avengers movie - you know, when he's not busy filming Star Wars: Episode VII. But although he might be the busiest, Serkis is not the first Star Wars actor to spend time in both a superhero universe and a galaxy far, far away. With the recent news, he joins a long line of actors who also hold such a high distinction.
Natalie Portman, The Thor Movies
Natalie Portman, The <em>Thor</em> Movies
Lucasfilm Ltd. via Everett Collection
When you think about it, Padme and Jane have a lot in common: both are smart, independent women who work in male-dominated fields (politics and science) and have love interests who control the fate of an entire universe. If only Jane could send Thor over to knock some sense into Anakin, then they would both have a happy ending as well.
Samuel L. Jackson, The Marvel Cinematic Universe
Samuel L. Jackson, The Marvel Cinematic Universe
20th Century Fox Film via Everett Collection
Before he was keeping all of S.H.I.E.L.D. and several unruly superheroes in line as Nick Fury, Samuel L. Jackson was busy keeping Jedis in line as Mace Windu, the Master of the Order in Episodes I - III. Regardless of whether his weapon of choice is a light saber or a weaponized helicarrier, you definitely don't want to mess with him.
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Mark Hamill, Batman: The Animated Series
Mark Hamill, <em>Batman: The Animated Series</em>
Lucasfilm Ltd. via Everett Collection
Though he has never appeared in any of the numerous live-action Batman movies, the former Luke Skywalker has become a vital part of the DC universe thanks to his voice work as the Joker. What Heath Ledger did for the character in live-action, Mark Hamill’s done for his animated form.
Liam Neeson, Batman Begins
Liam Neeson, <em>Batman Begins</em>
20th Century Fox Film
As Qui Gon Jinn, Liam Neeson played a tough, older mentor who trained Obi Wan and Anakin to become Jedis. As Ra’s al Ghul in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, he played a tough, older mentor who trained his daughter Talia to be a super villain.
James Earl Jones, The Meteor Man
James Earl Jones, <em>The Meteor Man</em>
Getty Images/Jim Spellman
Thanks to his distinctive voice and the way he radiates gravitas, James Earl Jones lends an air of respect and authority to everything he does. So it's strangely fitting that he starred in one of the goofiest superhero movies of all time, The Meteor Man. Well, the producers needed something serious after they cast Cyprus Hill and Naughty By Nature as rival gangs.
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Phil Brown, Superman
Phil Brown, <em>Superman</em>
Lucasfilm Ltd.
Before he played a Senator in 1978's Superman opposite Christopher Reeve, Phil Brown became everyone's adopted uncle thanks to his performance as the caring, protective Uncle Owen in the original Star Wars. That blue milk must be packed with something extra.
Terence Stamp, Elektra
Terence Stamp, <em>Elektra</em>
20th Century Fox Film
When you need someone to play an intimidating older statesman who is just as likely to give you some vital, life-changing advice as he is to kill you in a gruesome fashion, you turn to Terence Stamp. At least, that’s what the producers of both Phantom Menace and Elektra though when they cast him as Supreme Chancellor Valorum and Stick, respectively.
Ray Park, X-Men
Ray Park, <em>X-Men</em>
20th Century Fox Film
Despite playing two iconic characters, most people wouldn’t recognize Ray Park if they saw him. That’s because the two characters he played – Darth Maul and Toad in X-Men - involved heavy makeup and prosthetics, and very few lines. The ones that weren’t later dubbed over by Peter Serafinowicz, that is.
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Temuera Morrison, Green Lantern
Temuera Morrison, <em>Green Lantern</em>
Lucasfilm Ltd. via Everett Collection
Temura Morrison is famous for playing multiple characters in the Star Wars prequels: bounty hunter Jango Fett, Commander Cody, and all of the clone troopers. (Seriously, all of them.) Although he played a slightly larger role as Abin Sur in Green Lantern, it was unfortunately blocked from everyone’s minds, along with the rest of that movie.
Garrick Hagon, Batman
Garrick Hagon, <em>Batman</em>
Though he might not have played the biggest part as the heroic Biggs Darklight, Garrick Hogan is nonetheless a vital part of the Star Wars universe. He’s also a small but important part of the DC universe, thanks to his role as "Tourist Dad" in Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman.
Carrie Fisher, Smallville
Carrie Fisher, <em>Smallville</em>
Lucasfilm Ltd. via Everett Collection
Princess Leia made Carrie Fischer a sci-fi icon, but the Star Wars universe isn't the only legendary fictional world she's spent some time in; she also visited Smallville, the hometown of Superman himself. By that, of course, we mean that she guest-starred on the television show Smallville, where she played the Editor in Chief of the Daily Planet.
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Clive Revill, Freakazoid
Clive Revill, <em>Freakazoid</em>
20th Century Fox Film
Clive Revill might be best known for terrifying children of the '70s and '80s as the voice of the Emperor, but he's best known to their children for voicing several characters on the animated show Freakazoid, which is hailed in this office as one of the greatest cartoons ever made. We'll let you decide which role is truly the more iconic one.