How 4 ‘Star Wars’ Fans Want to See ‘Episode VII’ Begin, In Storyboard Form!

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There have been more rumors about Star Wars Episode VII than Jabba the Hutt has rolls of fat. But the fact is we still know next to nothing about J.J. Abrams’ film. So to scratch our itch to see something — anything! — about the new movie we asked four of the most prominent Star Wars fans in all of Star Wars fandom to share how they’d like to see Episode VII open: James Floyd (@jamesjawa) of ClubJade.Net (@clubjade); Eric Geller (@ericgeller) of TheForce.Net (@TheForceNet) and’s Get Thee to the Geek Google Hangout series; William Devereux (@masterdevwi), Stephen Rice, & Tom Christopher of the We Talk Clones podcast (@WeTalkClones); and Tricia Barr (@fangirlcantina) of We then got illustrator Terry Mack to render these suggested openings as four storyboard panels. Click on each of the photos to get a close-up, hi-res look at each of the images and check out what the fans had to say!

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After the scrolling text fades into the distance of the inky starfield, the camera pans down across the star-filled blackness of space to reveal an arc covering the bottom of the screen, a view of the top part of a large yellowish planet, shown in the day, lit from an offscreen sun.

The world has no pronounced surface features, though some patches are slightly darker than others, as if there was weather over the world. Other parts seem to shine, but overall, it’s not quite in focus.

We hear a familiar cheerful beep-whistle, and the camera pulls back to reveal that the ‘planet’ is the back of Threepio’s head as the droid floats in space. He slowly rotates around to face the camera, and as the camera continues to zoom out, Artoo and some debris also appear floating in space beside him. Both droids are intact, but are covered in patches of grime, dust and soot, explaining the ‘weather’ patterns on Threepio’s less-than-shiny body.

Threepio, not liking weightlessness: “No, Artoo, THIS was not a good idea.”

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Star Wars StoryboardTerry Mack/

We see the massive reconstructed chamber of the Galactic Senate on Coruscant. It is filled mostly with senators and their aides, but Luke Skywalker sits in one of the Senate’s floating pods with several Jedi Knights from his academy.

A Senate official calls for silence in the room and announces the arrival of the Supreme Chancellor. Luke eyes the center of the chamber, where the Chancellor’s platform will rise into position, looking anxious.

We cut to a lavishly decorated hallway under the Senate chamber and see a set of legs from the knees down as someone strides briskly across the carpeted floor. This person is followed by two armored guards. We see the trio from the back as they reach the end of the hallway and an open doorway that leads onto a platform.

The guards remain in the hallway as the third person (whose face we still have not seen) strides through the doorway and onto the platform. We then cut to a close-up of an electronic sign on the wall next to the doorway that reads “SENATE IN SESSION.” As the platform begins to rise into the Senate chamber above, the sign illuminates.

We then see an overhead shot of the Supreme Chancellor’s platform as it rises into place, with Leia Organa standing on it, looking determined and in control.

The scene ends with a medium shot of Supreme Chancellor Leia Organa standing on the raised platform in the center of the Senate chamber. She says, “Members of the Senate, I come before you to discuss a grave matter that threatens the stability of our fledgling new Republic.”

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Star Wars StoryboardTerry Mack/

Panel 1: Binary suns rise over a jungle planet (Ossus). A lone Jedi boot enters the panel.

Panel 2: Three-quarter shot over the left shoulder of Ben Skywalker (Luke’s son) looking at the sunrise.

Panel 3: The camera zooms out and Luke Skywalker enters screen right. He places his hand on Ben’s shoulder.

Panel 4: Cut to a shot looking at Luke and Ben, with the morning sunrise shining on their faces. It’s the dawn of a new era. A Jedi Academy is visible in the background, with dozens of Jedi apprentices and younglings training in the courtyard (practicing with lightsabers, using the Force to lift objects, etc.) just out of earshot.

This scene is the passing of the torch – literally for Luke and Ben and symbolically for the viewers. It echoes the famous Binary Sunset scene in A New Hope while providing a launching-off point for the new trilogy, complete with a rebuilt and thriving Jedi Order.


Star Wars StoryboardTerry Mack/

1. Han and Chewie in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. An overhead panel sprays out sparks while laser fire rips outside the front cockpit viewport. Han shouts, “Put your oxygen mask on, you big furball!” Chewie howls a protest. Han responds, “This old girl still has a few tricks left in her.”

2. A newer-model X-wing fighter swoops across the panel, firing on and blowing up the enemy starfighter tailing the Falcon. “Millennium Falcon, this trade lane is no longer safe. We’ll escort you from here.”

3. The Falcon now parked in a hangar next to several of the X-wings. Han and Chewie walking away from the ship. Han says, “We need to find that hotshot who saved our tails and say thanks.” Chewie, arm raised, points across the hangar and growls something.

4. A female X-wing pilot hops down the ladder from the starfighter’s cockpit, with Han and Chewie waiting for her at bottom. She pulls off her helmet and says, “All in a day’s work, Dad.”

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