Stars Discuss Why ‘Marshall’ Is Relevant To Today


Everyone should know who Thurgood Marshall is. First ever African American Supreme Court Judge, Brown V Board of Education, and much more. Many don’t know about his younger days, about being the NAACP’s lawyer and one of his early cases, the case of The State of Connecticut V Joseph Spell.

Joseph Spell (Brown) was a servant who was accused of attacking and raping his socialite employer. With no money to his name and not able to afford a lawyer Spell thought he was a dead man walking. That is until Thurgood Marshall (Boseman) and the NAACP decided to work with him to get him off. Sam Friedman (Gad) joined Marshall and soon learned what it was like to do the right thing.

‘Marshall’ is a film that is very much relevant to today’s life. In the above interview, Sterling K. Brown discusses Marshall’s early career of defending the falsely accused, Josh Gad talks about what he knew about Marshall as well as why Marshall is a superhero without the cape and Chadwick Boseman explains who Marshall is as well as why he’s such a standup guy.


‘Marshall’ releases October 13, 2017.

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