Stars Explain What The ‘Collateral Beauty’ Is In Video Interview


After a successful ad exec named Howard (Smith) undergoes the tragedy of his daughter dying, he’s never quite the same. His co-workers and friends (Winslet, Peña, and Norton) are concerned and more so when they find out he’s been writing letters. Howard writes letters not to people, but to things. Howard is then visited by Love (Knightley), Life (Latimore), and Death (Mirren) where hopefully they can give Howard the peace he needs.

‘Collateral Beauty’ isn’t just a cool name for a film, it actually means something. In the above interview, Kate Winslet talks about the use of love, life and death in the film, Naomie Harris explains how going through those emotions are tough but necessary, Helen Mirren breaks down the movie the most simple way she can, Jacob Latimore shares what he wants the audience to take from the film, Keira Knightley says how the emotions are necessary,  Edward Norton likes that this film is about real things, and Will Smith sums up with the Collateral Beauty is.


Collateral Beauty releases on December 16, 2017.