Stars Get Interviewed By a Kid At ‘The Boss Baby’ Premiere


‘The Boss Baby’ is about a boy who gets a new brother who happens to be an adult in a baby’s body.

The film is a kids movie, so why would you have some boring premiere? That’s not what 20th Century Fox wanted, so the stars brought their kids to walk (or crawl) down the blue carpet for ‘The Boss Baby’ premiere at the Lowes Theater in New York City.

Having a normal reporter would be old and boring too, so instead, why not have a kid ask some questions? In the above interview from the Premier Steve Buscemi gets asked about why he’s excited to see the movie, Lisa Kudrow is asked why families will love the film, and Alec Baldwin says what he thinks people will enjoy about the film, as well as who the true boss is in the Baldwin household.


The Boss Baby is out March 31, 2017.

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