Cast Discuss Multiple Roles of James McAvoy In ‘Split’ Interview


Taking on one role can be tough. Taking on two roles in one film can be even rougher. Now try taking on twenty-three different roles, sometimes changing characters in the same scene.

That was James McAvoy’s task in ‘Split’. Kevin suffers from Multiple Personality disorder which according to his Doctor, has a total of 23 different personalities. One of the personalities kidnaps Casey (Taylor-Joy), Claire (Richardson), and their friend. The girls meet many of Kevin’s personalities including Hedwig, a 9-year old boy, and Patricia, a female. The women must escape from Kevin before something “very bad” happens to them.

In the above interview, the cast and crew of ‘Split’ discuss McAvoy’s ability to deal with the many different personalities. Director M. Night Shyamalan tells us how he gave McAvoy the script, Haley Lu Richardson talks about when McAvoy first transformed into Hedwig, Anya Taylor-Joy says how James’s acting style was helpful when dealing with stressful situations, James McAvoy talks about his first time reading the script as well as how difficult it was to change personalities in the same shot, and horror producer Jason Blum says why he believes the film works so well.


Split will release January 20, 2017.