Stars Talk Fear From The ‘Alien: Covenant’ World Premiere


Horror is actually a tough thing to do, especially today.

People have seen much worse (even in real life), so it’s harder to install fear into them. For Director Ridley Scott it’s even harder to achieve horror because fans have such high expectations of fear since the first Alien film scarred so many in 1979 (38 years ago). Fortunately for fans, the horror director thinks he achieved that in his newest film ‘Alien: Covenant’.

The film had it’s world premiere in London yesterday, and the stars of the film were excited to talk about why Alien is so scary, and how they continued the fear. Billy Crudup and Danny McBride discuss why people like to be scared out of their wits, Ridley Scott tells us why he thinks the Alien in his film (Xenomorph XX121) is the scariest film monster of all time, Katherine Waterston talks about how the creators took items from the original to put into this film, and Michael Fassbender gets into people’s psyche on why they love Alien and Space films.


Alien: Covenant releases May 19, 2017.