Stars Talk Young Love In ‘Everything, Everything’ Interview


Having SCID (severe combined immunodeficiency) would suck at any age. As a teenager, it must be worse.

Being 18 is the time you’re supposed to go out and explore, get into trouble, fall in love, and live life. For Madeline Whittler (Stenberg) she can’t do those things because of the disease. The only contact she has in her life is her nurse Carla (Reguera) and her protective (for a reason) mom (Rose). When a young cute boy named Olly (Robinson) moves in next door and they start communicating Maddy has a glimpse of what a normal life is like. The two fall in love, like teens tend to do, and Maddy risks it all to go outside and try to find out what life is like.

Leaving the house is a risk, but one that Maddy was more than willing to take. In the above interview, Ana De La Reguera discusses Carla role in Maddy’s life,  Anika Noni Rose talks about why Olly is such a threat to Maddy and her character’s way of life, Nick Robinson says wether or not he thinks it was love at first sight for Maddy and Olly, and Amandla Stenberg tells us what the story is about and how everyone can relate to the film.


Everything, Everything releases May 19, 2017.