Stars Tell Us How ‘Logan’ Gave Fans What They Wanted


I’m going to start off with saying this: Traditional superhero movies are fun every now and again.

With that being said, they could be better. Deadpool was the first comic book movie to take a step back, be funny, and do some mindless killing while being able to curse like he does in the comics. The film also managed to make $783 Million dollars, showing studios that people like it and want more, and more importantly, are willing to pay.

Enter ‘Logan’. By name alone you can tell this won’t be a traditional comic book movie. Gone are the days of X-Men, yellow suits, and heroes. Logan (Jackman) and Professor X (Stewart) are all that’s left, and even they are only a shell of what they once were. Logan’s powers are diminishing and Charles has succumbed to old age and a bit of dementia. They are in hiding when X-23, a young girl shows up and seeks refuge. Logan and Charles must escape with her, and more importantly, figure out what to do with their lives.

The film is rated R, and if it’s anything like the trailers and cast are saying, it will be for a reason. With these adult situations come adult themes, like what Logan really fears. In the above interview, Director James Mangold talks about being able to take Logan into a new direction, Patrick Stewart tells us how Logan and Charles have changed, and Hugh Jackman discusses finally being able to bring a Wolverine film that fans have been asking for.


Logan releases March 3, 2017.