7 Stars You Forgot Were In The “Saw” Movies

The Saw movie franchise marks its 10th anniversary this week! The horror flicks (seven in total) starred Tobin Bell as the sicko serial killer Jigsaw, but the series also featured a lot of other familiar faces. Since it’s been a while, we thought we’d jog your memory.

Cary Elwes


The Princess Bride actor appeared in the first and the seventh Saw movies as Dr. Lawrence Gordon. You may remember that particularly gruesome scene in the first film when he had to sever his own foot to free himself from a shackle. Maybe you tried to forget…

Danny Glover

Danny Glover, SawLionsgate via Everett Collection

The Lethal Weapon star appeared as Detective David Tapp, partner to Detective Steven Sing (Ken Leung), in the first Saw movie. He becomes obsessed with finding Jigsaw after Sing’s death, and that obsession becomes his downfall.

Michael Emerson

Michael Emerson, SawLionsgate

Ben Linus from Lost was in Saw! He played Zep Hindle – an orderly at St. Eustice Hospital. Throughout the film you’re led to believe he’s Jigsaw but – surprise – he was actually just another victim of Jigsaw’s game.

Ken Leung

Ken Leung, SawLionsgate

Bet you didn’t realize another “Lostie” appeared in Saw! Leung, who played Miles Straume on Lost, appeared as Detective Steven Sing in the first Saw movie and met an untimely demise, as they all do.

Julie Benz

Julie Benz, SawLionsgate

This former Dexter star seems to like gore! She played Brit in Saw V, a woman placed in a Jigsaw trap with four other people. She ultimately survives, but not before a lot of blood is spilled.

Scott Patterson

Scott Patterson, SawLionsgate via Everett Collection

We best remember him as gruff diner owner Luke Danes from Gilmore Girls, so it’s easy to forget he appeared in Saw IV, Saw V and Saw VI as FBI agent Peter Strahm. He gets framed as Jigsaw’s second accomplice and is eventually crushed to death. Ouch.

Donnie Wahlberg

Donnie Wahlberg, SawLionsgate

Donnie Wahlberg plays a detective on the CBS show Blue Bloods, but did you remember he first played one in the Saw movies too? He starred as Detective Eric Matthews in Saw II, Saw III and Saw IV. He meets his end when his head is crushed by two large blocks of ice. That’s cold…