35 Stars You Forgot Were On ‘The X-Files’

Bryan Cranston
Episode: "Drive" -- Before he became a meth kingpin, Cranston played a seemingly deranged man who kidnaps Mulder and drives westward, faster and faster.
Ryan Reynolds
Episode: "Syzygy" -- One of the sexiest men alive played a boy named Boom who was killed by two girls given powers by a rare planetary alignment in this 1996 episode.
Michael Bublé
Episodes: "Piper Maru," "Apocrypha" -- The Grammy winner had an uncredited turn as a submarine sailor in this two-part episode featuring the mysterious black oil that would become one of the show's signatures.
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Ed Asner
Episode: "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas" -- The 'Mary Tyler Moore' star played one half of a couple who made a murder/suicide pact in 1917, and now make all who enter his house do the same.
Alex Trebek
Episode: "Jose Chung's From Outer Space" -- The 'Jeopardy!' host had some fun in this season 3 episode as a 'man in black,' keeping abductees and UFO witnesses quiet.
Laurie Holden
Before she became known as Andrea from 'The Walking Dead,' Holden had a recurring role as a member of The Syndicate and an informant for Mulder.
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Jack Black
Episode: "D.P.O." -- Before 'School of Rock' and 'The Holiday,' Black played an arcade owner and friend of human lightning rod in this season 3 episode.
Peter Boyle
Episode: "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose" -- The late 'Everybody Loves Raymond' star won an Emmy for his turn as the titular Bruckman, who can foresee people's deaths.
Jodie Foster
Episode: "Never Again" -- In this Scully solo episode, the Academy Award winner voices Betty, a man's evil tattoo, whose jealousy leads her to target Agent Scully.
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Willie Garson
Episode: "The Goldberg Variation" -- The 'Sex and the City' star plays the luckiest man in the world who is desperate to find $100,000 to treat a neighbor's child's serious illness.
Seth Green
Episode: "Deep Throat" -- In the second episode of the series, 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and 'Family Guy' star Green plays a trespassing teenager who help Mulder sneak onto an Air Force Base with suspected UFO activity.
Kathy Griffin
Episode: "Fight Club" -- Griffin plays mis-matched twins who cause near-nuclear reactions whenever they cross paths. This season 7 episode is filled with doppelgängers and mayhem.
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Anthony Heald
Episode: "Closure" -- The 'Silence of the Lambs' star plays a psychic who believes some children are taken by 'walk-ins,' or beings composed of starlight, to save them from terrible fates.
Felicity Huffman
Episode: "Ice" -- 'Desperate Housewives' star & Academy Award nominee Felicity Huffman plays a toxicologist investigating a mass murder-suicide when they discover an alien parasite that sends its host into homicidal rages.
Shia LaBeouf
Episode: "The Goldberg Variation" -- Before 'Even Stevens' and plagiarism, Shia LaBeouf played a sick little boy who needs an organ donation.
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Téa Leoni
Episode: "Hollywood A.D." -- Leoni's husband and 'X-Files' regular, David Duchovny, wrote and directed this season seven episode, where Leoni plays herself playing Dana Scully in a movie about the X-Files.
Lucy Lawless
Episode: "Nothing Important Happened Today" Parts 1 & 2 --The 'Xena' star was supposed to become a recurring regular, but her high-risk pregnancy cut her turn as a female Super Soldier short.
Lucy Liu
Episode: "Hell Money" -- Liu stars as a woman with leukemia whose father frequents an underground lottery, where participants either win money or lose an organ.
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Donal Logue
Episode: "Squeeze" -- Gotham star Logue played Scully's academy colleague who seeks her help while investigating a liver-removing serial killer. He dismisses Mulder's claims that their suspect has been killing people for 90 years.
Jane Lynch
Episode: "Lord of the Flies" -- The famous comedian played the mother of a murderous insect-boy who was also part insect herself (or...something along those lines).
Jesse L. Martin
Episodes: "The Unnatural" -- The 'Rent' actor played black baseball player on the Roswell Grays who turns out to just be an alien with a love of baseball.
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Joe Morton
Episode: "Redrum" -- 'Scandal' star Morton plays a prosecutor somehow living his days backwards while in jail for his wife's murder. As time reverses, he tries to solve and prevent the murder.
Dean Norris
Episode: "F. Emasculata" --Before working with Vince Gilligan on 'Breaking Bad,' Norris played a U.S. Marshal searching for escaped convicts who could spread a deadly and mysterious disease.
Aaron Paul
Episode: "Lord of the Flies" -- Before 'Breaking Bad,' Paul played a teenager involved with a mock-'Jackass' show, called Dumbass, which is bitten into his flesh by flies.
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Burt Reynolds
Episode: "Improbable" -- Burt Reynolds plays God in this episode where a serial killer uses numerology to kill his victims. In one scene, a city is shown from above, designed to be Reynolds' face.
Jerry Springer
Episode: "The Post-Modern Prometheus" -- Springer plays himself in this episode where a mysterious creature, who's obsessed with Cher, impregnates a middle-aged woman without her knowing.
Giovanni Ribisi
Episode: "D.P.O." -- Ribisi plays a young man who survived a lightning strike and now possesses electrical powers he uses to kill video game rivals, like any angsty teen would.
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Tony Shalhoub
Episode: "Soft Light" -- The 'Monk' star plays a man afraid of his own shadow, which has developed the power to disintegrate people in this season two episode.
Octavia Spencer
Episode: "Millennium" -- Before 'Red Band Society,' Spencer played a different kind of nurse in this episode where a secret society tries to resurrect the dead to prepare for the apocalypse.
Lili Taylor
Episode: "Mind's Eye" -- 'The Conjuring' star Lili Taylor is no stranger to creepy, and this episode where she's a blind woman who can see her father's murderous actions through her mind's eye.
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Lily Tomlin
Episode: "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas" -- Tomlin plays Ed Asner's lover (and a ghost) in this rare Christmas episode, where she tries to scare Mulder & Scully to death (quite literally).
Danny Trejo
Episode: "Redrum" -- The 'Machete' star plays a man trying to avenge his brother's wrongful imprisonment and subsequent suicide in this episode where time travels backwards.
Jesse Ventura
Episode: "Jose Chung's From Outer Space" -- Along with Alex Trebek, Ventura played a 'man in black,' covering up an alien abduction in this strange and funny episode.
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Luke Wilson
Episode: "Bad Blood" -- Wilson plays a sheriff in this hilarious episode where Scully and Mulder recall the same events very differently: Scully remembers Wilson charming, Mulder only recalls big buck teeth.
Bellamy Young
Episode: "Redrum" -- Before she was Mellie Grant on 'Scandal' Young starred in the same episode as Papa Pope, where time runs backwards and a murder needs to be solved.