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Steven Seagal Hopes to Help Rebuild New Orleans with New Movie

Hollywood action man Steven Seagal is insisting upon shooting new movie in hurricane-ravaged New Orleans, because he wants to help rejuvenate the area.

The Under Siege star fell in love with New Orleans when he launched his blues career there early last year, and now he wants to help rebuild the place by shooting new blockbuster, which has a working title of Prince of Pistols, there.

Writer Joe Halpin, who has just returned from the city—where he has been scouting out locations and inspiration for the film—says, “I just left there after scouting a few locations. It’s pretty sad. A lot of devastation. That’s one of the main reasons Steven insisted on shooting it there—he wants to get some money back into the community.”

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Halpin tells Moviehole.net the film is “a modern day tale of revenge.”

Seagal is also hoping to feature modern-day blues legends in the film.

Halpin adds, “There’ll be lots of blues legends in it and it will feature some of Steven‘s own music.”

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