Steven Spielberg And Author Talk ‘Ready Player One’


Ready Player One the book feels like an impossible movie to bring to the big screen.

That’s at least what the author Ernest Cline thought when he wrote it.

Cline included all of his favorite things from pop culture from the 80s including video games, movies, and tv in his novel. When you go from novel to screen things have to get changed, and sometimes Authors either don’t understand and can’t accept that. For example, in the book Ready Player One, Parzival had to act the entire movie of ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail, something that couldn’t be done on film.

Luckily this movie was not only helmed by Steven Spielberg, but Cline is also a scriptwriter and knew that things had to be changed and trusted the skill of script adapter Zak Penn. In the above interview, the three discuss taking the works of Cline to make it into the film.


‘Ready Player One’ is in theaters tomorrow, March 29, 2018.