Sylvester Stallone talks about the legacy of Rambo in ‘Rambo: Last Blood’ Interview

While Rocky may have put Slyvester Stallone on the map, First Blood made Sly more than just a one-note character.

With the first film releasing in 1982 Rambo was the ultimate man’s man. A warrior, someone who could kill with a gun or even his bare hands. A number of sequels (4) later and its time for the franchise to end, hence the movie releasing this Friday; ‘Rambo: Last Blood’. To end this franchise they had to go all out.

In the above interview Director Adrian Grunberg talks about the honor it is to not only do a Rambo film but the last Sly Stallone Rambo film, Paz Vega discusses the arc of Rambo and where he is now, Yvette Monreal tells us how Sly still cares about filmmaking, and Slyvester Stallone says the sacrifice that Rambo is willing to go through when its something that matters to him.


‘Rambo: Last Blood’ releases on September 20, 2019.