Take A Walk Through Pennywise’s Neibolt House From ‘IT’


IT‘ is hopefully going to scare the hell out of people when the film is released in September. The thing about the film is that it’s a film, it’s not a real thing.

That is until Warner took over Hollywood and Vine to construct Pennywise’s Neibolt House. In the above video watch the creation of the famed horror house, and then take a walkthrough to see what it’s like to walk through the horrors. The official site says guests will be guided by Georgie through the 5,000 sq foot house where guest will see scenes and authentic set props. Groups dawned “Loser Club” will journey through a 20-minute experience filled with live actors, animatronics, lights, audio, video, and complete horror.


Neibolt  House is from August 14 – September 10, 2017, from 1 PM – 11 PM, but is unfortunately sold out (they are accepting Walk-Ups on some days) and IT will be out September 8, 2017.