Takes A Monster To Defeat A Monster In Final ‘Mummy’ Trailer


Universal has been trying to create a Monster Movie Universe that sadly has not been well received. Their new film, which just unleashed its final trailer, is there chance to really push the MMU in the right direction, but is it?

Tyler Colt (Tom Cruise0 is an explorer who finds a lost Mummy tomb. When he tries to take it back to Europe, he unleashes the evil and when the plane goes down, Tyler is the only one alive and without a scratch. Dr. Jekyl (Russell Crowe) gives Tyler the news that he’s been cursed, and now the Mummy (Sofia Boutella) wants to destroy everything. The only thing that can destroy this evil is evil, and the only thing that can defeat a monster is a monster.

Looks like the rumors that Tom Cruise is the legendary Van Helsing might be true.


The Mummy releases June 9, 2017.