17 Directors, 17 Stories, One Teaser Trailer For ‘The Turning’

What do you do when a group of 17 actors, choreographers, screenwriters, and circus performers want to take a turn at directing? Let them all do it at once, of course!

The Turning, an adaption of Australian author Tim Tinton’s eponymous novel, is an interconnected collection of 17 short storie,s starring Australian actors Hugo WeavingRose Byrne, and Miranda Otto. Many of the storylines are interweaved to create a central plot-line relationship surrounding a young woman and her abusive husband living in a trailer park, although the trailer seems to hint at much more than that.

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Keeping with the Down Under theme, mate, Australian actresses Cate Blanchett and Mia Wasikowska make their directiorial debuts with the film, joining a team of 15 other Australian directors: David Wenham, Benedict Andrews, Jonathan auf der Heide, Tony Ayres, Shaun Gladwell, Rhys Graham, Justin Kurzel, Ian Meadows, Yaron Lifschitz, Claire McCarthy, Ashlee Page and Stephen Page.

In an interview with SBS Film, producer Robert Connolly revealed that some of the directors will tell their story in a traditional way, while others will take an experimental approach. He also disclosed that a few of the directors wrote their own scripts. Huh… why does this remind me so much of a school project? 

Wrapping up production on The Turning, which will premiere at the Melbourne International Film Festival in late July, Blanchett and Wasikowska will work together again as lovers in the upcoming drama Carol. Take a look at the powerful teaser trailer and see if you can make sense of the plot (because we can’t).

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