10 Teen Movies You Can Watch At Any Age

Among the many movie genres, teen flicks help those going through growing pains have a reason to laugh, love, and learn from their real-life trials and tribulations. However, some of these movies carry lessons, humor and a story line that can be watched by all ages and never get old. Here are 10 teen movies you can watch at any age!

Following the life of privileged teen Cher Horowitz and her band of funny friends, this teen rom-com is the kind of campy flick anyone can enjoy.
American Pie
Everyone can remember the desire and fear of losing their virginity. The hilarity that ensues as four friends make a pact to become men on prom night will always give us major LOLs.
Mean Girls
Who doesn't remember wanting to be part of the popular crowd and crushing on the cutest kid in class? It's a relatable story with humor and pop-culture phrases that are giggle inducing for any age.
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However you look at it, a scary movie is a scary movie. It doesn't matter how old you are, the terror and bloody killings in Scream will always manage to thrill and entertain all audiences.
10 Things I Hate About You
Fans of Shakespeare can easily follow this modern day take of his classic Taming Of The Shrew. Love, laughter, and strong will are all this movie has to stand on its own.
17 Again
Who wouldn't want to have a shot at going back to high school and reinventing themselves, even if just for a brief moment? This high school comedy doesn't lack laughs or valuable life lessons.
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Teen pregnancy, adoption, questioning one's morals and beliefs? The topics covered in Juno go beyond the trials and tribulations of a typical teen and easily resonates with older age groups.
Napoleon Dynamite
It's a universal thing to root for the underdog in movies. In the case of Napoleon Dynamite, his dry humor and nerdy sidekicks easily mirror real-life situations and social interactions no matter where you're at in life.
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Can't Hardly Wait
High school graduation is a milestone in everyone's life, as is having a long standing crush you never forget. This LOL worthy story of one last shot at love before leaving for college is heartwarming and hilarious.