‘Tenet’ is mind blowing and amazing in 2nd Trailer

I’ve learned something being a Christopher Nolan fan…

Just watch the movie.

Nolan has a way of dealing with something that you can’t explain in a 3ish minute-long trailer. His trailers show glimpses of awesome awe-inspiring scenes, with not much plot, but that’s ok. Minus the Batman films, it’s pretty much been that way with all of his films. Memento dealt with short term memory loss, Inception traveled through people’s minds, Prestige what’s real, Interstellar was time jumping with space travel, Dunkirk jumping through different events, and well, his newest film Tenet.

I can’t tell you much about Tenet because I don’t know much. A young recruit (John David Washington) is told it’s the only word you need. It kind of deals with time travel, or as they call it inversion. He’s in espionage and up against the end of the world. There’s a big plane that blows up. I’m going to see this as large as I can.

No pressure.


‘Tenet’ will release soon IN THEATERS (love that jab at streaming services)