A Game of Machines?: ‘Game of Thrones’ Alum Is Directing the Next ‘Terminator’ Film

Alan Taylor to direct next TerminatorWarner Bros/Everett Collection

Alan Taylor, director of the upcoming superhero flick Thor: The Dark World, and director of several Game of Thrones episodes (some of the show’s best ones at that) has officially snagged directing duty for the upcoming Terminator film. Taylor’s previous work with Thor and Thrones displays his particular talents for fantasy filmmaking. 

Besides his work in genre film and television, Taylor has worked on pretty much every HBO show of note, including Sex and the City, Six Feet Under, Deadwood, OZ, and Boardwalk Empire among others. While Thor 2 is only his first massive film project, it will undoubtedly give him the experience necessary to direct the futuristic sci-fi spectacle that the new terminator project is sure to be. 

According to Variety, other directors including Rian Johnson, Ang Lee, and Denis Vileneuve were targeted, but it fell to Taylor to continue the Terminator saga, which started almost 30 years ago with the James Cameron original.

Taylor delivered the mythical grandeur of Asgard, and the quiet desolation of Harrenhal, but how will he capture the apocalyptic wasteland that awaits us when our Roombas become sentient and start killing their fleshy masters? Only time will tell.

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