Terrence Howard: ‘The Worst Thing I’ve Witnessed Was ‘Iron Man’ Killing My Career’

Terrence Howard

The Marvel Universe has been a near godsend to many young actors. Chris Evans is now nationally recognizable as Captain America. Chris Hemsworth launched to otherworldly degrees of celebrity thanks to his character Thor. Mark Ruffalo grew three sizes in badassery after The Avengers handed him the Hulk. But not everybody has walked away from the Initiative with positive stories. In fact, Terrence Howard, the original James Rhodes from the 2008 movie Iron Man, credits the movie with “killing his career.”

While discussing his new movie Dead Man Down with Hollywood.com, Howard laments the so-called decline of his career following his appearance in Iron Man — and his replacement with actor Don Cheadle for Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3 — as “the worst thing [he] ever witnessed.” Yikes!

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Howard has a lot to say about his latest film, which pits him against Colin Farrell (whom he “doesn’t trust” when he’s using his American accent) and Noomi Rapace, and his overall career trajectory. As he makes it clear, he encountered a bit of a rough patch post-Iron Man. Check out the interview below for the full scoop:

Dead Man Down arrives in theaters March 8.

Reporting by Patricia Ramos.

[Photo Credit: Film District]

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