That creepy doll is back in ‘Brahm’s The Boy II’ Trailer

There are many things I could do without; Bills, having to work, war, etc.

In 2016 a film came out called ‘The Boy’ and introduced a new character into the horror world named that I could do without named Brahm. Brahm is a doll who generally looks clean-cut but is just creepy looking. I decided that it’s in the eyes, they’re slightly off portion to the rest of the face. Anyways, Brahm did what he’s supposed to do, be a doll, until he wasn’t and it was fear-inducing. As with most things in the world of Hollywood, if it does well (and it’s cheap to make) there will be a sequel which is why I’m writing about this horror today.

Well, what’s going on in this one? A young boy named Jude (Christopher Convery) is troubled so his family (Katie Holmes and Owain Yeoman) take him to the countryside. Here while walking he discovers Brahm (buried where he should have left him). It’s, of course, his new favorite toy who tells him things like rules and about his past owners. The parents decide to take him away and things get really bad for the family.


‘Brahms: The Boy II’ releases on February 21, 2020.