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‘The 355’ is an A-List of female stars in first Trailer

‘The 355’ has some star power.

The film follows a US spy (Jessica Chastain) who has to defend against a new terror. She has to do it “under the table”, so she needs some help. She goes to some different spies around the world including one from the UK ( Lupita Nyong’o), a rival german agent (Diane Kruger), a Colombian psychologist (Penélope Cruz), and a Chinese agent (Lin Mi Sheng).  The ladies have to join forces or else the world is over.

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See another badass female lead movie – Widows

Any time you have this many badass women, you can’t go wrong, more importantly, if we want more female lead movies, you have to support when they are done (also we see what you did there with the marvel rotate around character shot).


‘The 355’ releases in theaters on January 15, 2021.

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