The Best Book to Film Adaptations of All Time

To Kill a Mockingbird
If an adaptation lives and dies by its casting, 'To Kill a Mockingbird' set the bar with Gregory Peck's iconic performance as the noble Atticus Finch.
The Silence of the Lambs
Thomas Harris' novels are thrilling, gripping and intense, but the phrase "Hello Clarice" isn't nearly as terrifying on the page as it is being hissed by Anthony Hopkins.
The Princess Bride
Fantasy, fighting, adventure, magic, true love - 'The Princess Bride' has it all, and so does the film. It also happens to have Billy Crystal, so really, it comes out on top.
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Howl's Moving Castle
If you want to turn a beloved children's classic into a heartwarming, magical cinematic adventure, Studio Ghibli is the place to turn.
The Virgin Suicides
Has a director and a book ever been so well-matched as the dreamy, melancholy Lison sisters and ethereal, pastel-colored Sofia Coppola were?
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Although author Ken Kesey complained that the film was not told from the point of view of the towering Chief, we can't bemoan Milos Forman's masterpiece.
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Jurassic Park
Look, reading about dinosaurs can be exciting, but even Michael Crichton's book can't hold a candle to watching Jeff Goldblum run from a T-Rex.
The Godfather
On rare occasions, the film manages to be even better than the book it's based on, and that's exactly what happened with 'The Godfather.' Come on, Brando AND Pacino? The book never stood a chance.
The Maltese Falcon
The fantastic noir veneer leaps right out of John Huston's classic as powerfully as it did from Dashiell Hammett's pages.
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Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
A fun, glitzy romp through 1940s London, 'Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day' perfectly captures the cheery, glamorous tone of the original novel - due, mostly, to Amy Adam's loveably ditzy heiress.
Joe Wright and Keira Knightley's second collaboration captured the sprawling, epic heartbreak of the novel, and created a new classic with Cecelia's infamous green dress.
Gone With the Wind
Frankly, we DO give a damn about this gem!
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The 39 Steps
Like all of Alfred Hitchcock's films, it doesn't hew particularly close to the original novel, but it does capture all of its suspense and excitement. Sometimes departing from the text can be a good thing.
American Psycho
The success of 'American Psycho' is all down to Christian Bale, in his most iconic role (pre-Batman, that is)as the charming, we
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Peter Jackson brought J.R.R. Tolkein's world to life thanks to a combination of beautiful scenery, perfect casting, and Andy Serkis' magic. Then he made the 'Hobbit' films...
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No Country for Old Men
Who better to capture the intense, violent bleakness that characterizes Cormac McCarthy's works than the Coen Brothers? After all, nobody understands bleakness like Minnesotans.
Brian Selznick's novel was a wonderful, sprawling story about the power and magic of cinema, so it's only fitting that the adaptation was directed by the biggest classic cinema fan of all, Martin Scorsese.
Stand By Me
Derived from Stephen King's short story, the '80s classic managed the perfect recipe of tension and backyard charm.
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Children of Men
P.D. James invented the bizarre, haunting world in 1992, and Alfonso Cuaron brought it to the majesty of the big screen 14 years later, not missing a beat.
Apocalypse Now
One of the most powerful literary accounts of battle, and no doubt the greatest war movie ever made.