The 18 Best Movies To Watch If You’re Single On Valentines Day

While Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate all the kinds of love in your life, everyone gets very stuck on whether or not they have a significant other to shower with love and treats on February 14th. If you’re without a plus one, it’s easy to fall into a dark place and hate on everything pink, red, cute, and flowery. But before you dress up all in black and eat your way through endless pints of Ben and Jerry’s, click through these films that are sure stop your heart from shutting down and will give you hope of finding true love!

Valentine's Day
Watching multiple stories of love play out on Valentine's Day in LA is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, and believe in love again.
Never Been Kissed
So you haven't been kissed yet...big deal! Just watch this heartwarming rom-com for all the feels to fill your heart and give you hope on Valentine's Day.
27 Dresses
Single on Valentine's Day? No worries. 27 Dresses is proof that every bridesmaid will eventually be a bride.
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50 First Dates
If you don't remember your Valentine's Day date, or the following 49 dates after, don't worry, the right person will always stick by your side.
Sweet Home Alabama
Revisiting your roots might not be high on your list of priorities, but it could be where your true love waits!
Aside from Leo's dreamy mug, finding love in the middle of the ocean proves you can find "the one" anywhere!
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Love Actually
Ok Ok...Love Actually might be a holiday themed movie, but the love expressed is the kind to keep your heart beating even if you don't have a date on Valentine's Day.
13 Going On 30
Who needs a cute rom-com about love, ambition, and fixing past mistakes with a childhood sweetheart? Put down the box of chocolates and watch now.
The Proposal
The Proposal might change your mind about that one person you can't stand, and prompt you to give them a second look as your soulmate.
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When Harry Met Sally…
Sometimes love is a slow build. Forming a strong friendship with an unexpected stranger could lead to a happily ever after.
Young love is exciting, fun, and pretty hilarious. It's all about tossing out expectations and image to allow your heart to be open to every possibility!
She’s All That
Sure makeovers and social status can up your chances in the dating game, but at the end of the day, inner character is what wins out every time.
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How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Watch out! When you bet against love for a fun story to tell, matters of the heart can get messy.
The 40-Year-Old Virgin
Making a true love connection doesn't necessarily mean sex needs to get in the mix right away. Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to a happy heart!
Seasonal flings have been around forever, but if the love is real, it can go year round with no end in sight.
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The Notebook
Letting the love of your life go is a heartbreaking thought, but if they come back into your life and the feelings are still on fire, don't ever let them get away again.
Sleepless in Seattle
Love happens when you least expect it, and when you've got a feeling about someone, the best thing to do is follow your heart and see where it takes you.
Crazy, Stupid, Love
Sometimes even players get tired of the game and allow love to win them over.