The 8 Best Time Travel Movies Ever Made

Happy Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day! Yes, we all wish it was possible to hop in a car, a phone booth, or even a hot tub and go back to certain points in our lives to make adjustments that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. However, until such a machine is made (which will probably never happen), we’ve got a list of movies that run the gamut of emotions and experiences associated with playing hide and seek with Father Time. Check out these eight time travel flick faves and let us know which one you could watch on repeat!

Probably the best known time travel movie of all time, Back to the Future gave us a peek into the wild ways a simple act of pushing someone out of the way can alter an entire life timeline! Plus, Michael J. Fox was almost too easy on the eyes.
Haha...if any movie made time traveling look like a walk through the park, it was air head besties, Bill and Ted.  In Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, the future musical peacemakers of the world used their phone booth time machine to hop between decades and score historical help to land them an 'A' on their end of the year history presentation.
Let's just start by saying this movie rules because the time machine was a HOT TUB. Genius. What it does for the four burnout friends who get warped back to the '80s is beyond any help they could've gotten in their present day to take their manhood from pathetic to perfect.
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Terminator 2: Judgment Day has an edge over The Terminator for the sheer fact that he returns in the second movie as a protector to the then-adorably dreamy Edward Furlong. The excitement, terror, and impressive special effects of the time made it a no brainer as to why it was a box office hit!
Chick flick rom-coms are like junk food for movie entertainment and 13 Going On 30 wins on having all kinds of girl goodies. The unique part of this time travel movie is the mentality of a 13-year-old Jenna waking up in her 30 year-old body. It's an automatic feel-good film you can watch over and over.
Reliving a terribly annoying day is everyone's worst nightmare, but watching Bill Murray hilariously live through his over and over, makes Groundhog Day a prime time travel movie to watch on a bad day when you need to know that things could be worse.
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Interstellar could possibly be one of the most frustrating time travel movies of all time! Yes, there are stunning shots, insane effects, a riveting storyline and nail biting moments, but the end is absolutely crushing. No more spoilers...promise.
Sending letters through time via a magic mailbox, sounds silly, but The Lake House proved to be the kind of pull at your heartstrings, suspenseful, feel good flick that sticks with you long after it's over.