The 12 Biggest Box Office Bombs Of 2016

At the end of every year we can reflect on movies that made us laugh, cry, and cringe. Among the box office hits that took our breath away are the films that bombed so bad we forgot they were ever in theaters. Not everyone will agree these movies were the worst of the year, but numbers don’t lie and these 12 films are proof that even the most perfect combination of plot and talent don’t produce silver screen winners.

Remakes are a dangerous thing in Hollywood, especially when it comes to an iconic film like Ghostbusters. While we can definitely appreciate the all-female reboot, long time fans of the Hollywood classic didn't rush to theaters, making the movie flop hard. While it did pull in over $128 million domestically, it still fell short of breaking even with the $144 million budget.
This movie about a pop star whose failed sophomore album sends him into a downward spiral over the purpose of life had all the elements to be a box-office smash, but totally bit the dust. Starring the hilarious Andy Samberg it was expected to bring in big numbers, but only made back $9,496,130 of the $21 million budget. Ouch.
You would think anything with Tina Fey would be an automatic hit, but Whiskey Tango Foxtrot was a big fat flop. Maybe it was the confusing title and Tina's role as a journalist who goes on an adventurous assignment in Afghanistan that didn't hook audiences, but the film was far from successful, only pulling in $23 million.
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The original Zoolander was ridiculously successful, garnering a cult following and several amazing Halloween costumes. With so much buzz, you'd think it would set the sequel up to be embraced by Hollywood in the same way. Turns out feelings change, and no matter how much marketing was put behind the film, it tanked. Be honest, does anyone remember it being in theaters? Box office numbers show not a lot do, with it only making up $28 million of the $50+ million budget.
Who else completely missed this Ryan Gosling movie in 2016? The late '70s set film about a private detective and an exasperated racketeer searching for a missing girl didn't make a splash on the big screen. With a budget of $60 million, it only saw $35 million of it back. That sucks.
Generally, you might assume that anything Johnny Depp stars in will shine bright at the box office, but Alice Through the Looking Glass was just a little too out there for most movie goers to get excited. Johnny's creepy character and the kind of lame plot line, following Alice's adventures after she steps through a mirror into an alternate universe, were likely contributors to the almost $100 million loss once it hit theaters.
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Action, explosions, and a sweaty Mark Wahlberg seems like all the ingredients a movie needs to bring in big box office numbers, but Deepwater Horizon totally sank. Even thought it was based on the true story of what happened during the cataclysmic explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, no one who likes to eat popcorn in a dark theater seemed to care too much. Not breaking even with the $122 million budget, it's safe to say this movie will forever be remembered as going belly up.
A quasi-historical ramble with Matthew McConaughey as Knight, a Mississippi Farmer opposed to Slavery in 1863, Free State of Jones was a film about slavery and the Civil War that no one wanted to see. The film didn't even make back half of its $50 million dollars.
Following other successful silver screen releases of the Divergent series, it seemed a no-brainer that  Allegiant would do just as well.  However, Hollywood discovered that not everyone stays attached to a series forever. The film only raked in $66 million of its $110 million budget and it was a painful hit to the movie studio who banked on it crushing at the box office.
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With an all-star comedic cast, Masterminds seemed like a guaranteed win with movie goers, but telling the true story of a group of armored guards who plotted one of the biggest cash heists in history wasn't appealing to the core comedy fan base. Making only $17 million of the $24 million budget, no one had the last laugh on this one.
Snow White and the Huntsman had so much publicity and drama behind it thanks to Kristen Stewart's affair with director Rupert Sanders and the skepticism of how a live action Snow White would go. Unfortunately with The Huntsman: Winter's War, most people were like, 'huh...what?" about it. The box office backed this bomb, with a gross of $48 million against their $115 million budget. Oooh burn.
The big $140 million budget Disney movie was primed to make an indelible mark on the silver screen and become a classic family film to watch over and over. So the blow it took when The BFG hit theaters and only earned $55 million back is likely still a hard pill to swallow.