What Went Wrong With The ‘Morgan’ Robot In Video Interview


In 20th Century Fox’s newest film ‘Morgan’, Morgan (Taylor-Joy) is a state of the art, artificially created, humanoid being. Basically, at a very young age, she is a superhuman. After a violent outburst on her doctor, Dr. Kathy (Leigh), a risk-management consultant named Lee Weathers (Mara) is called in to access what kind of risk Morgan actually is.

When people create things that they want to succeed, they don’t look at the flaws like they probably should. They normally brush them off and say it’s just an accident or what not. When that flaw is coming from a super human like Morgan that seriously injures one of their doctors, it should be looked at a little more seriously. But then you run the risk of how seriously? Is this a thing, or is it a person who should continue living? Can the company loose on this “asset”, or is it already too late?

In the above interview Kate MaraAnya Taylor-JoyJennifer Jason LeighRose LesliePaul Giamatti all talk about why what Morgan did was (or wasn’t) right, as well as why the scientists were in the wrong in even making Morgan.


Morgan releases this Friday, September 2, 2016.

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