The Cast of ‘A Christmas Story’ – Where Are They Now?

“You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!” How many times have you heard this phrase, especially during the Christmas season? Probably a billion. There’s a reason they play A Christmas Story for 24 hours straight, it’s a Christmas classic. But what has the cast been up to in the last 32 years? One cast member went on to produce a blockbuster Marvel film! See where the cast of A Christmas Story is now!

Peter Billingsley - Ralphie
A Christmas Story, Peter Billingsley
MGM via Everett Collection/Splash News
To this day, Peter Billingsley has strangers come up to him and say "you'll shoot your eye out, kid!" In the late '80s, after a few films and made-for-TV movies, he is acting career tapered off a bit. His most recent acting credits are: as the ticket agent in Four Christmases and Scott in A Case For You. In the early '90s he began working as a producer and has produced films and shows like The Break-Up, Iron Man (yes the Iron Man with Robert Downey Jr.), Sullivan & Son, and F Is For Family. He also worked as an executive produce on a musical production of A Christmas Story.
Ian Petrella - Randy
A Christmas Story, Ian Petrella
MGM via Everett Collection/Splash News

Everyone remembers Ian Petrella as Ralphie's adorable little brother Randy. Over the year he's only acted in a few roles, appearing in Highway to Heaven, Beverly Hills, 90210, and Crafty. A few years ago, during the Christmas Season, Petrella worked as a special tour guide at the A Christmas Story House in Cleveland, Ohio. He told stories of his time on set and what it was like to make the movie. He currently lives in L.A., working on animation and puppetry. Along with a few of the other child actors from the film, he will be appearing at the "A Christmas Story Live 2015" event in NY.

Scott Schwartz - Flick
A Christmas Story, Scott Schwartz
MGM via Everett Collection/Splash News
Scott Schwartz is also one of the few child actors from A Christmas Story that will be appearing at a special event for the movie in NY. If you can believe it, Ralphie's friend who tragically got his tongue stuck on a frozen pole had a brief foray into adult films. With both versions of his acting career past him, he now manages a sports and movie memorabilia collectibles store, Baseball Cards - Movie Collectibles.
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R.D. Robb - Schwartz
A Christmas Story, R.D. Robb
MGM via Everett Collection/LinkedIn
R.D. Robb's acting career didn't really take off after A Christmas Story, so he moved to behind-the-camera work. He wrote, produced, and directed the short film Don's Plum, starring mega-stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire (it was filmed during the mid '90s). However, the two A-listers blocked the film from being released commercially in the U.S., it was still shown internationally. We wonder if these days the three still have beef or if that's a thing of the past?
Zack Ward - Scut Farkus
A Christmas Story, Zack Ward
MGM via Everett Collection/Twitter
Out of the cast of children, it's safe to say that Zack Ward, who played the bully with an unfortunate name Scut, is the most successful of the group. His most notable role to date is playing Chris Titus's stoner brother on the show Titus. He has worked in smaller roles in the films Almost Famous, Transformers, Resident Evil: Apocalypse and Freddy vs. Jason. He also has had leading roles in BloodRayne II: Deliverance and Postal. In 2014 he co-founded the film production company Grit Film Works with James Cullen Bressack.
Yano Anaya - Grover Dill
A Christmas Story, Yano Anaya
This A Christmas Story bully only has 5 acting credits to his name, 4 of which are from the '80s (including playing young Michael in a Van Halen music video). His most recent credit is from Sunday Mornings, a 2015 short film. In 2008 he produced The Untold Christmas Story, which was a documentary about making the film.
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Melinda Dillon - Mrs. Parker
A Christmas Story, Melinda Dillon
MGM via Everett Collection/Splash News
Melinda Dillon is widely known for several films like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Absence of Malice, Harry and the Hendersons, The Prince of Tides, and Magnolia. But she will always be Ralphie's goofy but lovable mother to us. Her most recent acting credit is playing Janet in a few episodes of the TV series Heartland in 2007.
Tedde Moore - Miss Shields
A Christmas Story, Tedde Moore
Tedde Moore played the students teacher, Miss Shields in A Christmas Story. It seems like she kept the Christmas theme up, all these years later, as she recently starred in the film Mistletoe Over Manhattan as Mrs. Claus who, after sensing her husband is losing his Christmas spirit, travels to a place where she knows the spirit of Christmas still exists: New York City.
RIP - Jeff Gillen and Darren McGavin
A Christmas Story, Jeff Gillen, Darren McGavin
Jeff Gillen, A.K.A. the Mall Santa best known for telling Ralphie he'll shoot his eye out, passed away on June 27, 1995 in North Miami Beach, Florida. Darren McGavin, who played Ralphie's grumpy father, passed away on February 25, 2006, at the age of 83 of cardiovascular disease in a Los Angeles hospital, He is buried in Hollywood Forever Cemetery.


Little Randy will always be our fave.