The Cast of ‘Bad Santa 2’ Talk About Profanity In Interview


In the first Bad Santa way back in 2003, Willie (Thornton) was a department store Santa who was rude, mean and had a mouth like a sailor. If that wasn’t enough, he’s a safecracker who, along with partner Marcus (Cox), planned on stealing everything in the stores after they locked up. Willie also came in contact with an eight-year-old kid named Thurman (Kelly) who asked Santa for his father, who happened to be Willie.

Now, 13 years later, ‘Bad Santa’ is a bonified Christmas tradition in some households, and Willie needs money. Marcus is back and enlists him to rob a charity run by Diane Hastings (Hendricks. Marcus decides they need more help, so he enlists Sunny Soke (Bates) who happens to be Willie’s mom. Also, Thurman is back, taller and bigger but somehow dumber. The four of them get into more trouble and more vulgarity than ever before in ‘Bad Santa 2’.


So with sequels, everything has to be bigger and better, or else what’s the point? In the case of ‘Bad Santa 2’, that means turning up the crudeness. In the above interview, Tony Cox talks about how different his character is from his personal life, Tony Cox says how he thinks the first film started the whole vulgar is hilarious trend in films, Kathy Bates has something to say to people confused on why she took this role, Christina Hendricks discusses how this film is more than just a profanity, and Billy Bob Thornton talks about the first films popularity and how they turned it up for this film.


Bad Santa 2 releases tomorrow, November 23, 2016. Make sure to take Grandma.