The Cast of ‘Ghostbusters’ On Remaking A Classic In Video Interview


The original 1984 Ghostbusters (and the 1989 sequel Ghostbusters II) is a comedy classic, and the film has reached cult status. A third movie was talked about, but after Harold Ramis‘s passing, fans will never see the Ghostbusters III that they really wanted

When it was announced that there would be a reboot, fans were apprehensive to say the least. Hardcore fans did not want anyone to touch their beloved franchise, let alone remake it. When the first trailer was released, it was the most disliked trailer in youtube history (928 thousand dislikes compared to 264 likes). People started saying that the haters were sexist since the cast was all female. Now that the film is coming out and the review embargo has lifted, the film currently sits at 77% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. Would anyone be able to recreate the magic that happened in the original?

The cast of the 2016 reboot of ‘Ghostbusters’ think that fans new and old will love the film. In the above interview Director of new Ghostbusters Paul Feig tells us how he chose his Ghostbusters, Director of the 1984 film Ivan Reitman says why he thinks Paul chose correctly, Melissa McCarthy thinks they have all the elements that make up a ‘Ghostbusters’ film, Leslie Jones thinks reboots are a refreshing good thing,  Kristen Wiig talks about getting slimmed and wanting it to be over, Chris Hemsworth likes that there is a spin on the original, and Kate McKinnon says that everyone should love their underdog story.


‘Ghostbusters’ releases this Friday, July 15, 2016.

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