The Cast of ‘Heavyweights’ Where Are They Now?

Heavyweights released in 1995 as a movie about children attending Camp Hope, a weight loss camp, that is taken over by the eccentric and clearly insane Tony Perkins (Ben Stiller). At the time Stiller wasn’t the household name he is today, nor was the film’s co-screenwriter Judd Apatow (who also appeared in the film). While some of the cast has given up acting since the film’s release, many members of the cast have gone on to have very successful careers. See the cast of Heavyweights where are they now!

Aaron Schwartz - Gerry Garner
Aaron Schwartz, Heavyweights
Buena Vista Pictures/IMDB
We've said it before when we talked about The Mighty Ducks, but damn did Aaron Schwartz get hot! Post-Mighty Ducks, his most memorable role is Vanya on Gossip Girl, the husband of Blair Waldorf's maid Dorota.Schwartz has also been on the shows Law & Order, The Originals, and Elementary. In 2016 he's slated to appear in the short films When It Burns and Dangerous Love. Follow him on Instagram for awesome #TBT pics and pics of him working out & getting fit!
Shaun Weiss - Josh Burnbalm
Shaun Weiss, Heavyweights
Buena Vista Pictures/Facebook
Over the years, Shaun Weiss has popped up in different TV shows and movies over time, like Drillbit Taylor, Crossing Jordan, and Las Vegas. He's appeared in over 30 national TV commercials over his career. He was in the TV movie What About Weiss, which you can find related YouTube clips. In 2016 he was in the film Mad and will be in the new series Blessed, about a washed up child actor who dies and is sent back to Earth.
Kenan Thompson - Roy
Kenan Thompson, Heavyweights
Buena Vista Pictures/Twitter
Kenan Thompson is better known as half of the popular duo Kenan & Kel. Everywhere you looked in the late '90s/early '00s, these two were together: Good Burger, All That, and of course, they had their very own show Kenan & Kel. Now Thompson is just Kenan, no Kel, and is one of the longest standing members on the sketch-comedy show Saturday Night Live, having joined the cast in 2003. In 2015 he became the brand character for Fandango and will appear in a series of different promotions as the character Miles Mouvay.
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Max Goldblatt - Phillip
Max Goldblatt, Heavyweights
Buena Vista Pictures/Twitter
Of the group of kids who worked on the film, Max Goldblatt didn't really stick to acting. He's been in a handful of things, most recently Portlandia in 2013, but he's stayed in the industry. He's now a film editor, working on full length and short films, like The Call, In A Relationship, and most recently Avenues.
Ben Stiller - Tony Perkins/Tony Perkins Sr.
Ben Stiller, Heavyweights
Buena Vista Pictures/Splash News
Ben Stiller is the son of two comedic legends, Jerry Stiller and the late Ann Meara, so it's no surprise that over 20 years after Heavyweights, he's become one of the most successful comedic actors in the world. Shortly after playing the super fit, totally psycho Tony Perkins, Ben Stiller hit it big with his film There's Something About Mary. After that, he had a string of success like Meet The Parents, Zoolander (thought it wasn't a box office hit, it's become a cult film), Madagascar, Night at the Museum, and more. As of late, he's done a lot of sequels to his earlier successful films, the most recent being Zoolander 2. He's set to work on Dodgeball 2 and is currently tied as a producer (though no official details have been released) for Space Jam 2.
Tom McGowan - Pat Finley
Tom McGowan, Heavyweights
Buena Vista Pictures/IMDB
After Heavyweights, Tom McGowan went on to do a lot of TV work. He had long stints on Fraiser, Everybody Loves Raymond, and The War at Home, as well as guest appearances on Brothers & Sisters, CSI, Modern Family, and most recently Veep. Surprisingly enough, he's been performing on and off Broadway since 2009 in Wicked as The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, he's currently performing the role in London on the West End until March 2016.
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Tom Hodges - Lars
Tom Hodges, Heavyweights
Buena Vista Pictures/
Tom Hodges biggest acting gig after Heavyweights was in Stigma in 1999. While his acting career has seemed to come to a halt after the 2012 film Overnight, it appears that Hodges has found a new path as a graphic artist, having worked with Lucasfilm, Bongo Comics, Universal Music Group (UMG), Topps, Upper Deck and various other companies. He has a Kickstarter where you can help fund Antiis Comics Presents: Midknight #1. Check out his work all featured on his Instagram!
Paul Feig - Tim
Paul Feig, Heavyweights
Buena Vista Pictures/Splash News
Back in the late '80s/early '90s, Paul Feig was just getting his start in the business. These days we know him as a successful director who loves to work with Melissa McCarthy. Shortly after Heavyweights he began directing instead of just acting, with the film Life Sold Separately. Since then he's directed episodes on many popular shows like Weeds, The Office, Freaks and Geeks, Arrested Development, Nurse Jackie, and more. Did you know he makes cameos in his films? He's a guy at the wedding in Bridesmaids, a doctor in The Heat, and a drunken hotel guest in Spy. We wonder who he'll appear as in the reboot of Ghostbusters (starring you guessed it, Melissa McCarthy) in 2016.
Judd Apatow - Homer
Judd Apatow, Heavyweights
Buena Vista Pictures/Splash News
We apologize for including possibly the scariest picture of Judd Apatow ever, but it's the only one from the film that we could nab. In the mid-'90s, Judd wasn't really on anyone's radar yet. It wasn't until his first feature length directorial debut The 40-Year Old Virgin that his name started to become synonymous with comedies. Judd played Homer in Heavweights, but also served as a producer and writer for the film. Since then he's founded Apatow Productions, which brought us Freaks & Geeks, Knocked Up, Girls, This Is 40, and most recently Trainwreck. He's currently producing and directing the new series Crashing, a TV series about a New York comic who is forced to make a new start for himself after his wife leaves him.