The Cast Of ‘Save The Last Dance’ – Where Are They Now?

There are a ton of teen movies to choose from when you think of the late 90’s and early 2000s. And yet, none of them seem to hold up quite as well as Save the Last Dance. From the iconic cast, to the ridiculously amazing soundtrack, it’s hard to believe that the film premiered 14 years ago. See what the cast of Save The Last Dance is up to now.

Julia Stiles - Sara
Terry Kinney, Save The Last Dance, Paramount, WENN, 100115,
Julie Stiles was in her prime when she played ballet dancer turned hip-hop lover, Sara in Save The Last Dance. Prior to the Chicago based drama, Stiles had appeared in the teen drama 10 Things I Hate About You. Shortly thereafter, she went on to star in several Bourne Identity films opposite Matt Damon, as well as more teen dramas including O and The Prince and Me. Lately, Stiles has appeared in popular television series including The Mindy Project, Dexter, and Blue. She is currently shooting a 5th Bourne film with Matt Damon and she will be starring in the upcoming film Go With Me opposite Sir Anthony Hopkins and in The Great Gilly Hopkins, with Kathy Bates, Glenn Close and Octavia Spencer. Stiles is a graduate of Columbia University, an avid New York Mets fan, and a former vegan (good choice Julia).
Sean Patrick Thomas - Derek
Sean Patrick Thomas, Save The Last Dance, Paramount, Splash News, 100115
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Though he eventually discovered that acting was his calling, Sean Patrick Thomas initially studied law in college. However, he switched gears and went on to attend NYU's Tisch School of the Arts for Acting. Shortly thereafter, Thomas appeared in the cult classic film, Cruel Intentions. After Save the Last Dance, he went on to star in Barbershop and Barbershop 2: Back In Business with Ice Cube. He also had a starring role on the CBS series The District which ran until 2004. Thomas has continued acting regularly, and has most recently appeared on Ringer and American Horror Story. He is currently filming Barbershop 3, which is slated for release next year. In 2006 he married actress Aonika Laurent. The couple has two children together.
Kerry Washington - Chenille
Kerry Washington, Save The Last Dance, Paramount, Splash News, 100115
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When Kerry Washington appeared in Save the Last Dance as struggling teen mom Chenille, her career was just getting started. After the teen drama, Washington appeared in the critically acclaimed biopics, Ray and The Last King of Scotland as well as Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained. In 2011, Washington was catapulted in the spotlight in a really big way when she snagged the role of Olivia Pope on Shonda Rhimes' ABC drama Scandal, making her the first African-American actress to lead an American network drama series since 1974. Washington has been nominated for Golden Gobles, Emmys and a Screen Actors Guild awards for her portrayal of the D.C. fixer. Though Kerry Washington is still "handling" things on Scandal, she is also slated to play Anita Hill in the upcoming HBO film, Confirmation. She is a graduate of George Washington University, and member of V-Day; a coalition that brings awareness to violence against women and girls. In 2013, Washington secretly married former NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha. They have a 1-year old daughter, Isabelle Amarachi.
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Fredro Starr - Malakai
Fredro Starr, Save The Last Dance, Paramount, Splash News, 100115
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Before he was Derek's troubled homeboy in Save The Last Dance, Fredro Starr was well known for his role as Q, opposite teen sensation Brandy Norwood on Moesha. Starr is also an acclaimed musician. After being discovered in the late 1980's by Run–D.M.C. , Starr released six albums with his rap group Onyx. He has also released four solo albums, the most recent was Firestarr 2 in early 2015. Fredro Starr has also continued to act, appearing in numerous films and television shows including HBO's The Wire. He has been married to Croatian supermodel Korina Longin since 2007.
Terry Kinney - Roy
Terry Kinney, Save The Last Dance, Paramount, WENN, 100115,
When Terry Kinney appeared in Save The Last Dance, he was already well-known for his role as Tim McManus on the long-running HBO series Oz. Since Oz wrapped in 2004, Kinney has appeared in several television series including The Mentalist, The Good Wife and Being Human. Terry Kinney is a founding member of the Chicago Steppenwolf Theatre Company, with actors Gary Sinise and Jeff Perry. He still remains active as a theater director. Terry has two children with his ex-wife, actress Kathryn Elsbeth Erbe.
Bianca Lawson - Nikki
Bianca Lawson, Save The Last Dance, Paramount, Splash News, 100115
Paramount/Splash News
Bianca Lawson has been playing a teenager on the big and small screens for the last 20 years! Prior to Save the Last Dance, Lawson had recurring roles on numerous television shows including Dawson's Creek and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. After wrapping up her role as the jealous and vindictive Nikki in Save The Last Dance, Lawson went on to star in shows like, Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf. The 36-year-old currently stars in the DirecTV drama series Rouge. She is also the step-sister of mega star Beyoncé Knowles, so she's pretty much iconic.
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Vince Green - Snookie
Vince Green, Save The Last Dance, Paramount, Splash News, 100115
Paramount/ Splash News
After appearing as Snookie, "the cootchie crook" in Save The Last Dance, Vince Green went on to have some small roles in films and on television shows like Barbershop and Everybody Hates Chris. Currently, he just finished filming a short film entitled Open, which is slated for release later this year. Super fun fact: Reality star Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi got her nickname from Green's character. Back in 2012, she told Chef Rachael Ray "I think it was like eighth grade, and I was the first girl in my girlfriends to make out with a guy. So you know Save the Last Dance Snooki the cootchie crook? It was the D.J. Anyway, my girls started calling me Snooki, so it just stuck ever since."
Garland Whitt - Kenny
Garland Whitt, Save The Last Dance, Paramount, Criminal Minds, CBS, 100215
Since appearing as the young and overwhelmed teen father, Kenny in Save the Last Dance, Garland Whitt has continued to work steadily in the entertainment industry. The same year he played Kenny, Garland snagged a small role in Training Day with Denzel Washington, and most recently in an an episode of the CBS mega hit show, Criminal Minds. Garland is a member of the Hothouse Spontaneous Theater Company.