The Cast Of ‘Sing’ Talk About Characters And Karaoke In Video Interview


People love reality competition shows. There’s something special about a hidden talent who hasn’t made it yet because the right person hasn’t heard them, so they go on a show watched by millions and get their names out there.

That’s the story behind ‘Sing’. A theater that is run by Buster Moon (McConaughey) is failing and in order to bring back business, he wants to host a singing competition. That brings all sorts of different animals with all different backgrounds. There’s Rosita (Witherspoon), a pig mum who has lost her identity, Mike (Seth MacFarlane) a mouse whose in it for the money. There’s Ash (Scarlett Johansson) a rocking porcupine whose boyfriend cheats on her, Meena (Kelly) an elephant who can sing her heart out but has stage freight, and Johnny (Egerton) the ape whose dad wants him in the family business of stealing things, but all he wants to do is sing.

In the above interview, Matthew McConaughey tells us about what keeps his character Buster going, Taron Egerton talks about how everyone can find at least one character that they can relate to in some way, Tori Kelly says what everyone will love about the film, and Reese Witherspoon discusses her character’s feelings, and then all 4 tell us their go-to karaoke song.


Sing releases in theaters December 21, 2016, and just try not to sing along.