The Cast of ‘The EMOJI Movie’ Explain their Film


If you’re anything like most people (as well as a youtube comment section) you’re probably wondering why there’s an Emoji movie.

This is one of those films that 5-10 years ago would make no sense to anyone, but with the changing of times films must change too, so here we have it.

In the above interview, T.J. Miller explains his Meh character and what his duties are in the world of Textopolis as well as the main themes behind the film, Anna Faris tells us where the turmoil happens, Maya Rudolph talks about why not being what you’re supposed to be in the phone is such a huge problem, Sir Patrick Stewart talks poop, and James Corden says what the main characters need to do to fix the problem.


‘The EMOJI Movie’ is out tomorrow, July 28, 2017.